Monday, November 28, 2005

November competition entries almost due!

Just a little reminder that all entries for the November animation competition will be due at the end of the day Wednesday the 30th. Once you are done, simply upload it to Cartoon Solutions by filling out this form. The winning entry gets a $30 gift card to where they can spend it any way they like! Good luck!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A caveman's home

Not only is the caveman character pack done, but also a very cool background with a prehistoric landscape including bones, and cave. The cave is built into two symbols: a top and back so that you can put them on separate layers and have the caveman go into the cave. I definitely think we need a cavewoman now to complete the set!


Another character pack is almost done: The Caveman! He is coming along great, and just needs a couple more elements and he'll be ready to put up for sale. I think we will do a background for him as well. A cave with some paintings on the wall, some boulders and palm trees.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Completed Thug

The Thug character pack is done! He comes with a stolen money bag prop as well as a pistol prop. As you can see if you compare the rough version of him below, he now has a knit cap on for better camoflage in the night!

Friday, November 18, 2005

First EFX Pack: Electricity

The first of the EFX packs is finally up! As you can see it is the electricity pack and comes with lightning, electricity, laser and front and side sparks. They can be easily plugged into your flash animations and come in two different frame rates that you can use depending on which rate you are animating at: 12fps and 24fps.
I'll probably work on finishing the smoke efx pack next!
if you want to check out samples of all the animations in the pack, just click here to visit the store!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sparks and Thugs

Here is a design for a Thug character pack. Thought it might be fun to get some stereo typical characters as character packs. After the thug we'll have to do a cop character pack and then a background of a downtown street with an alley or something.
Spent some time working on the Efx packs. Finished a front spark animation (as pictured here) as well an animated lightning bolt. Which I decided to put two different versions of it in the fla. One with the main lightning bolt with it's edges softened to give it a glow, and another version without the glow. The glow adds to the file size when it is exported as a .swf. The glow version is 44k and the version without the glow is 24k.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Maria the model

Here is Maria, the bikini model. We just finished her up today and added her into the store. We went through many iterations for the color of the highlights in her hair. Do we do blue highlights like in the comic books whenever a character has black hair? Didn't look right on Maria for some reason. Ultimately we settled on simply a lighter shade of brown which turned out looking really good!

Employee and contractor character designs

Working on more character designs that will be turned into character packs. These are actually custom made for a client, who has agreed to let us sell them in the Cartoon Solutions store when they are completed. So more than likely the design will need to be changed/altered according to the clients wishes.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Herbert Character Pack

Herbert is done. He was designed, cleaned up and put together by Wyatt. He did a great job with him. I think he looks like he could either be a grouchy old geezer or a nice old grandpa. It's really all up to what people do with him when they animate him!
We should be getting some audio for him as well that will be available to buy in the store as well. I've heard parts of it and it's really funny!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Torch Fire cleaned up

Finished up the Torch fire cycle tonight. Thought I would post the cleaned up version of the rough I posted below.

Another 30 second animated commercial

Spent a good portion of the day roughing out in Flash a new tv commercial. I've attached an image. I still need to hear back from the client to get feedback before I'll move on. Andy will be doing the voices again on this one as well. Once those are recorded and plugged in, I'll have to tighten up the timing of the whole piece to make sure that everything is paced right and reads well and doesn't go over 30 seconds in length.

Classroom background

Here is the latest background that is available for sale in the Cartoon Solutions store. We had numerous requests for a school classroom so we finally finished one! The challenging part was decided what angle to draw the room from. Maybe in the future we'll do more classrooms from the student's view, looking towards the chalkboard at the teacher, and one from the teachers view, looking into the faces of the students.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Super Hero Character Pack in progress

Super Hero character pack is currently under way. Brian Kohrman is polishing him off by cleaning him, up and creating all of the hand and mouth positions needed. We went back and forth as to what colors his costume should be. We ended up with the white vs. the yellow/golden we were thinking of. Ultimately though, it really doesn't matter because whenever someone purchases him, they can change his colors to whatever they like!

Torch Fire cycle animation

Working on an animated cycle of torch fire. (Yes that is fire, and makes much more sense when it is moving!) This will be part of an animation sold in the "Fire Efx" pack. Others will be rocket flames, candle fire, camp fire, and fireballs!

Time to Start

I figure I've got enough time each day to at least talk about what project(s) I'm working on. I'm sure I can also show some screen grabs of sketches or images of what I'm working on. Let's just hope this doesn't kill my productivity!